Wisdom of the Fathers 2012: All Sessions (CD set)
Wisdom of the Fathers 2012: All Sessions (CD set)

Wisdom of the Fathers 2012: All Sessions (CD set)

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"Heart to heart encounter with spiritual fathers and vital insight into changing times"

A Message from Larry on this Conference:

More than any time in recent history, the world faces a critical crossroads. One path leads to fear and uncertainty that's created by the absence of wisdom. The other path leads to opportunity created by the presence of wisdom.
The choice is ours. We can drift hopelessly into uncertain times. Or, we can invent our future through godly insight. Prov. 4:1 (NET) says, "Listen, children, to a father's instruction, and pay attention so that you may gain discernment." In other words, wisdom and understanding are not always an instant impartation, but are passed down from generation to generation.
So, come and receive from proven fathers who have survived the test of time, turning their wounds and disappointments into wisdom for the future. Experience the spirit of revelation and understanding that can position you for an encounter with Heaven. Come and hear honest, biblical instruction that will give you:

Wisdom to navigate through uncertain times
Wisdom to posture for spiritual outpouring
Wisdom to apprehend your destiny
Wisdom to prepare for the future
Wisdom to walk in God's peace
Wisdom to discern the times
Wisdom to overcome